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Our bodies are marvelous machines.
Inside each of us is an intricate web of connections with one part exerting influence on the other. Pain and other disorders can be a part of that web.
Reflexology focuses on the hands and feet and uses the application of pressure in targeted spots on the hands and feet to affect other parts of the body. Karen will discover which areas of the body are out of balance.
Advocates of reflexology believe that pressure applied to the proper pressure points can help treat issues in corresponding areas. Reflexology helps to improve circulation. It has a beneficial effect on organs and promotes natural healing. It is useful as a preventative measure and also to improve overall health. It is also highly relaxing and rejuvenating. Reflexology teaches that the body’s life force, or Qi, can be harnessed through the use of reflexology and that it helps you achieve a deep state of relaxation (the alpha state where brainwaves have slowed down). 
Relieves stress and tension
improves Visceral areas of the body
Improves circulation
Increases relaxation
Improves your energy
Reduces pain
Reduces anxiety
Improves sleep patterns
Stimulates the brain
Removes the accumulation of crystal formations in the reflex area
Enhances bowel function
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