Colonic Hydrotherapy

A stagnant bowel can be the source of many health problems. When your colon is unable to efficiently remove waste and bacteria from your body it can cause illness.

Karen offers colonic hydrotherapy to help cleanse the colon and remove waste stagnating in the body. They can help with constipation, removing excess fecal matter, and overall health.
NHCS Colonic Hydrotherapy Colonics Pittsburgh, PA Natural HealthCare Services Holistic Wellness Center

You will  change into a hospital gown and lie in a fetal position on your left side on a colonics table.
The disposable tube will then be inserted into the rectum by you. It is connected to a disposable hose that is connected to the colon hydrotherapy unit. Warm, filtered water slowly flows into the colon. That causes peristalsis (or a contraction of the colon’s muscles) which excretes feces through the hose to a waste system. There is no odor or direct contact with the feces. 
After the session is over, you will use the restroom and you will be able to pass any remaining water and feces via the commode. The entire process usually lasts 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

There are contraindications that a person might have and that will be discussed in detail with your colon hydro therapist PRIOR to a colon hydrotherapy session. Karen conducts a detailed case history for each client prior to services being rendered.
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