Privileged to be a part of Testimonies!

Went to the mailbox found this:

This summer young children were barbequing. One of the children became inpatient and threw some gas on the already lit coals. The three young ladies were in front of the grill. One received 3rd degree burn. The community in which she lived tried to help her with her burns,however, they went to the hospital and she had multiple grafts done. It was touch and go for awhile. The mother's friend told me of the incident so I gave her some Dandee Viola. Itch EEZand NIAP Pain Salve. to try on the burns. The grafts were not melding to her body and she was a mess. In her letter the Mother states this.


I received a small container of the Dandee Viola Salve from you,delivered by friend, of mine. It was for our 8 year old daughter's burns. We need more as the container is almost empty. Don't really want to run out. It is working fast & making a significant difference in just hours. First we tried it on third degree scars & seemed to do okay. Then used it on stubborn donor site that just didn't want to close in. It was itchy, so, it got scratched off. Wow only days later & it's healed up. Now we're using it on more spots that the tender skin got scraped off. Would like to get more used your label to write this letter to you. We do not have computers nor electricity.

Sincerely E.

This is a Praise You Abba Father moment! So honored to be apart of this moment in time! Makes all the hard work worth it!