Orthotics are any “externally applied device used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system.” They have a variety of uses, including: restricting joints from moving in a given direction, aiding in rehabilitation after a cast is removed, correcting the shape and/or function of the body, immobilizing a joint or body part for therapeutic reasons, reducing weight-bearing forces on a joint or body part, and generally assisting movement.
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Natural HealthCare Services has helped many clients alleviate back pain through the use of orthotic devices. Inserts or built-in orthotics for your shoes can stabilize you. They can correct issues with your balance and gait that lead to pain. They support your spine and make overall movement easier. Stabilizing your gait, they also make falls less likely and protect you from injury. When you are ready for orthotics, it is best to have them custom made. Gregg is able to take molds of clients’ feet at the office and send them to be made into your custom orthotics. When you start wearing them, they will stabilize your spine, support your arches, and help you to balance correctly while on your feet. 
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