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Neuromuscular therapy addresses soft tissue pain by looking at five separate causes for it.
1. Trigger points, which is a localized area with increased nerve facilitation, resulting in hypertonicity of a muscular bundle with resulting pain patterns.
2. Postural Distortion, which is when there is an anatomical misalignment of the major structural muscles that provide the body with support.
3. Ischemia, which is a lack of circulation of blood and oxygen to specific areas of the body.
4. Biomechanical dysfunction, which is the improper balancing of the body as it makes various anatomical movements.
5. Nerve impingement, which is pressure on a nerve by skin, fascia, muscles, ligaments, or joints.

For clients seeking neuromuscular therapy, Karen utilizes soft tissue techniques that address the above five issues by balancing the central nervous system of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves with the structure of the musculoskeletal system. It is a form of deep bodywork that provides treatment for many causes of chronic pain, soft tissue damage and disorders of the posture. It uses neurological laws that dictate how the central nervous system initiates pain responses.

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